16 Things Miley Cyrus Did In Her New Bangerz Tour Promo Video

A lot can happen in 60 seconds.

1. First things first, she gathered her clique and danced on the grass sans pants.

ID: 1959018

2. Then, in an instant, she thrust her hip and pulled on her very long strand of chewed gum.

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3. After that, she put that very long strand of chewed gum back in her mouth.

ID: 1959022

4. Soon after, these women shook their boobies fiercely.

ID: 1959023

5. Then right after, Miley shook her boobies a little bit less fiercely.

ID: 1959024

6. All of a sudden, everyone looked like they were having a blast. Except that stuffed bear, who looked pretty miserable.

ID: 1959025

7. Next, Miley held onto the hips of this one lady while sticking out her tongue and moving back and forth.

ID: 1959032

8. No less than two seconds later, she grinded on the larger version of her infamous foam finger.

ID: 1959030

9. In addition, someone decorated their Crocs and did a high school musical dance.

ID: 1959035

10. Then she whipped her hair back and forth and spun a ponytail at the same time.

ID: 1959036

11. Afterward, she shook her cheeks at the camera.

ID: 1959042

12. Later, she gave this dog a seductive kiss and did her tongue thing again.

ID: 1959046

13. Fast-forward to daylight and she’s still pretty much doing the same thing, except while perched atop another lady.

ID: 1959050

14. At that same time, a third lady was trapped in this finger.

ID: 1959051

15. Suddenly, these poodles watched very curiously.

ID: 1959040

16. FINALLY, she ended the promo doing her thing, up in the air.

ID: 1959053

Watch the whole crazy journey here!

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