9 Times I Screamed During The “Scandal” Season 2 Finale

SPOILER ALERT: I honestly don’t know how I’m still alive.

1. When Fitz revealed his superpower.

ID: 1184386

2. When the student became the master.

ID: 1184392

3. When Fitz LAID IT ALL OUT for Mellie.

ID: 1184364

4. When Harrison made this astute observation.

ID: 1184413

5. When Quinn grabbed the power drill.

ID: 1184310

6. When David Rosen was redeemed.

ID: 1184399

7. When Olivia put the white hat on.

ID: 1184411

8. When the identity of Olivia’s father was revealed.

ID: 1184378
ID: 1184383

It’s a miracle that anyone survived this.

ID: 1184359

9. When I realized that Olivia’s dad ordered someone to sleep with his daughter and then watched the video of that sexual encounter.

ID: 1184371


Ellie Hall
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