This Random Twitter Story Ends With A Harry Potter Surprise

These tweets by @MrLawson are amazing.

1. Sit back and scroll as Twitter user MrLawson weaves his tale.

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We get older and wouldn't you fckin believe it. Friend Zone mayor fuckib MARRIES this dude. Has a kid and everything. Can't believe it.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)
ID: 3683372

I'm shocked. Cuz I still like this chick and he's clearly a bamma but my hands are tied. But these ppls I knew didnt bang with him like that

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)
ID: 3683377

I was like "fuck it. The enemy of my enemy is my friend" so I started rolling with these fools. Til the leader stepped hella out of line.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)
ID: 3683382

Son tried to cap ol girl, her fuckboy husband AND the baby. Somehow the kid lived but shit. He was on some other shit.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)
ID: 3683386

Anyway after all that shit happened I just said fuck it and became the potions master at hogwarts. Always looked after that kid tho.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)
ID: 3683387

If you don't get the story on my TL we not friends for real.

— Ludwig Van Baethoven (@MrLawson)
ID: 3683397

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