The Internet Really Wants Leonardo DiCaprio To Win An Oscar

Leo + Oscar = OTP.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street.

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2. It’s his fourth nomination, but he has yet to win an Oscar.

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3. Clearly, there is no justice in the world.

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5. The fact that Leo hasn’t won an Oscar is a travesty…

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6. And the internet feels his pain.

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7. In fact, there’s a whole meme devoted to the fact that he tragically hasn’t won an Oscar.

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9. Nobody understands why it hasn’t happened yet.

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11. And people are beginning to get a little bit concerned about it.

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12. Every awards season, this horrible oversight is highlighted once again.

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13. It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t nominated because he SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

ID: 2288622

14. Everyone applauds his stoicism…

ID: 2292443

15. Mourns over his wistful stares…

ID: 2292500

16. And imagines ways to help him obtain the golden statue he so richly deserves.

ID: 2292423

17. As a tribute to Leonardo’s unwavering suffering, someone even created a portrait of him made entirely of pictures of Oscar winners.

ID: 2288590

18. The internet grows angrier (and stranger) with each year he is overlooked.

ID: 2289040

24. Now that he’s been nominated for The Wolf of Wall Street, there’s once again hope that the cycle may be defeated.

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29. So good luck to you, Leo. The internet’s rooting for you.

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