How Joss Whedon Became OK With Twitter

Whedon has used the internet to communicate with his legions of fans before now, but at long last, the man himself has his own Twitter account: @JossWhedon. (formerly @JossActual.) posted on

1. Joss Whedon, writer/director of The Avengers and creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse, has joined Twitter!

2. @JossActual has yet to be verified by Twitter, but BuzzFeed has confirmed that it is, in fact, Joss Whedon’s account.

It's me! Joss! My own account! No more hiding under studio skirts! I'm FREE! @MuchAdoFilm" target="_blank">">@MuchAdoFilm @AgentsofSHIELD" target="_blank">">@AgentsofSHIELD @Marvel" target="_blank">">@Marvel @roadsidetweets" target="_blank">">@roadsidetweets #free" target="_blank">">#free

I'm on a plane! I'm having tea! I'm wearing shoes! This is how twitter works, right? I tell you guys EVERYTHING. Great! #syphilis" target="_blank">">#syphilis

4. It’s been a long, winding journey to Twitter for the cult icon.

5. Whedon has been communicating with fans online since Buffy was on the air, first using a now-defunct fan message board called “The Bronze” and then posting and commenting on the community blog Whedonesque.

6. On May 9, 2012, after The Avengers smashed opening weekend box office records, he wrote a touching message on the site thanking fans for their years of support.


7. Whedon has tweeted in the past — his first tweet was from the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Twitter account on April 15, 2009.

Hey it's Joss, rockin' the Paley w/ my peeps. It's my first twitter, so please be gentle and cuddle me after.

8. Four years later, in March 2013, he began to tweet again from the Much Ado About Nothing Twitter account as the film’s cast bused from Los Angeles to SXSW.

Hey it's Joss. I'm tweeting. I'm a member of the twitterati. I hath tweeth'd. It's on. -Joss

9. In a comment on Whedonesque’s post about the Much Ado About Nothing tweets, Whedon wrote that he was “still too lazy/confused” to get his own Twitter account.

10. As the bus made its way to SXSW, Whedon appeared to develop a taste for tweeting.

It begins. God help us. #waytooearly" target="_blank">">#waytooearly -joss

Some questions as to the veracity of my tweety identity. PROOF, Doubting Thomi! (Pllural of thomas. Work with me.)

12. He worked through some hashtag hiccups, like all new Twitter users.

#busado" target="_blank">">#busado Me getting all 70's on @JillianMorgese" target="_blank">">@JillianMorgese - watch your back, Terrence Malick! #don'twatchyourback" target="_blank">">#don'twatchyourback

13. He even did the Harlem Shake!

14. At SXSW, Whedon continued to tweet photos and commentary from the Much Ado account.

Joss: two minutes later, blood everywhere. Bar fights and pagan sacrifices mix surprisingly well.

Joss: you know what's even more fun than getting into the "cool" party at a festival? Everything ever. #missingthebus" target="_blank">">#missingthebus

16. The tweets continued as he returned from Texas to work on post-production for the film.

Joss: Already hard at work on the sequel, Much Ado About Nothing Else. #summertentpolefranchise" target="_blank">">#summertentpolefranchise #neverletmerunastudio" target="_blank">">#neverletmerunastudio

Joss: There's bugs everywhere! Orchestrator @DebbieLurie1:" target="_blank">">@DebbieLurie1: Those are notes. Joss: some of the bugs have flags!

Joss: I don't want to oversell this movie, but it contains the funniest sequence ever shot. And a giraffe stampede. And a cure for death.

J: look! Sunday LATimes ad! Just like a grown up movie would have! Or, hah. Yes. All very well. (#dignity)" target="_blank">">#dignity)

J: @MuchAdoFilm" target="_blank">">@MuchAdoFilm definitely needs more followers. But I refuse to be cynical about it. #mcdonalds" target="_blank">">#mcdonalds #gameofthrones" target="_blank">">#gameofthrones #celebritysex" target="_blank">">#celebritysex #puppies" target="_blank">">#puppies #fun" target="_blank">">#fun

21. He encouraged his followers to create “really bad taglines” for Much Ado.

J: Okay! Time for a Really Bad Tagline contest! Here's my first pitch: "Much Ado About Nothing: It's like homework you pay for!"

J: more #badtaglines:" target="_blank">">#badtaglines: "Much ADON'T miss it!" "Three times the thrills! Of 1/3 of itself." "People are stupid. Or, you." "Gluten-free!"

J: last ones #badtaglines" target="_blank">">#badtaglines "More fun than Dick Cavett's shinsplints!" "Yippee Ki Yay, Leonato." "All sizes" "Kittens taste like babies!"

24. Recently, Whedon tweeted his reaction to ABC’s series pickup of his new show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D from the Much Ado account.

J: Thanks to @AgentsofSHIELD," target="_blank">">@AgentsofSHIELD, I'm NEVER getting rid of this playa. And I REALLY tried. #impalefail" target="_blank">">#impalefail

25. Examining Whedon’s tweets, you’ll find he really seems to have a thing for lemurs.

MY account! I got strong opinions! I'm gettin' POLITICAL! (Heads up, LEMURS.) And making wry observations about mundane stuff! #airlines" target="_blank">">#airlines

Joss: What sells movies? CONTOVERSY. So, deal with THIS: I'm iffy on lemurs. THAT'S RIGHT. Maybe lemurs are fine--MAYBE. #shitjustgotreal" target="_blank">">#shitjustgotreal

J: let's retire the word "nerds". Suggested alts: Darqs Froons Enthusiasts Jocks Pluto (totes avail!) Basementeers The Effulgent Lemurs

28. In conclusion: Joss Whedon is on Twitter and nothing hurts.

Joss Whedon has joined Twitter as himself. @JossActual." target="_blank">">@JossActual. Killing 140 characters at a time.

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