"Everyone Is Jesus" Is The Best Religious Pop Song By A Swedish Swami You Will Hear Today

Sheep + watering cans + a trippy Jesus = music video gold.

1. You need to watch this masterpiece by Swedish singer and “Rockin’ Swami” Thomas Di Leva.

ID: 1027541

2. This video has everything. It has crazy costume changes.

Ellie Hall
ID: 1027552

3. It has people drinking out of watering cans for reasons that are never fully explained.

Ellie Hall
ID: 1027566

4. There’s crazy twirling!

Ellie Hall
ID: 1027561

5. Flute playing! Dancing children!

Ellie Hall
ID: 1027556

6. Did I mention that there are sheep?

Ellie Hall
ID: 1027557

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