34 Of Your Favorite LEGO People Are In The New LEGO Movie

Also, Morgan Freeman is a wizard. This has been a Public Service Announcement.

ID: 1285220

2. Guest starring (but not limited to):

ID: 1285409

3. Superman*

*Also featuring: Native American, Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare, Police Officer, Michelangelo, Clown, Statue of Liberty, Maître d’.

ID: 1285337

4. Wonder Woman*

*With appearances by: Fireman, Painter, Cowboy

ID: 1285336

5. The Mermaid*

*Photobombed by: Superman, Mustachioed Indiana Jones, Gaggle of Medieval Knights

ID: 1285340

6. Green Ninja*

*Stylishly featuring: Purple Mohawk

ID: 1285339

7. 1980-Something Space Guy*

*Stalked by: Blurry Panda Bear

ID: 1285351

8. Michelangelo*

*The artist

ID: 1285343

9. Michelangelo*

*Dangerously close to nun-chucking: Crash Test Dummy, Biohazard Suit

ID: 1285341

10. 2002 NBA All-Stars*

*Mummy sold separately

ID: 1285342

11. Also guest starring: Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and a Ghost*

*Not pictured: Cleopatra, Alligator, Flying Shark

ID: 1285344

12. T-1000

ID: 1285347

13. And Batman.

ID: 1285338

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