You Should Know Ballerinas Are More Hardcore Than You

Ballet is totally metal.

1. Ballerinas literally put their entire body weight on their big toes.

ID: 1020471

2. She is walking on two toes and making it look graceful. Two. Toes.

ID: 1020481

3. Be in awe of this skill.

ID: 1020500

4. Ballerinas are also insanely flexible.

ID: 1020519

5. If this is not the most metal thing you have ever seen, you are a liar.

ID: 1020546

6. And they have enough muscle strength to kick straight through your spine.

ID: 1020501

7. But do not despair, ballerinas only use their powers for good. Like leaping seven feet straight up.

ID: 1020691

8. Tigger wishes he could bounce this high.

ID: 1020650

9. Naturally all this leads to some seriously messed up painful foot problems.

You can thank me later for using the least traumatizing ballerina foot photo on the internet.

ID: 1020450

10. Spoiler: Your feet will not bend like this.

ID: 1020783

11. But the show must go on, so they just fill in the gaps, ice their ankles, pop some Advil and go.

ID: 1020814

12. So the next time you see a ballerina float across the stage like a fairy princess…

ID: 1020681

13. Or gracefully twirl with a smile on her face…

ID: 1020687

14. Or move with a precision fluidity that borders on supernatural…

ID: 1020698

15. Or make contortion look like it is no big deal…

ID: 1020699

16. And you are tempted to scoff at such a girly, frivolous endeavor…

ID: 1020700

17. Just remember.

ID: 1020789

18. Ballerinas will cut you.

ID: 1020746

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