15 Terrible Love Lessons We Learned From Disney Princesses

So much for true love.

1. If you want your crush to like you, change everything about yourself.

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2. Lying about your age is a totally acceptable thing.

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3. Stalking is the quickest way to man’s heart…and bed.

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4. Guys love it when you act uninterested.

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5. Passing out in the home of seven strange guys is a safe and sane choice.

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6. A guy cutting in on you at the club is hot, not creepy.

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7. Boys are super cute when they kidnap you.

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8. A man who lies about his background would never lie to you about other things.

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9. Waking up to assault is no cause for alarm.

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10. Because silence is consent, duh.

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11. Marrying a dude you just met will in no way end terribly.

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12. Because if you try hard enough, you can change him.

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13. Even if you’re a princess, your place is taking care of your man/men.

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14. No matter the grievance, you can buy your way to forgiveness.

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15. And always remember, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

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