14 Shrewd Pieces Of Dating Advice From "Gravity Falls" Mabel Pines

Who knew you could get such guidance from a fictional 12-year-old?

1. Flirting is the most fun hobby invented by humanity.

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2. And it’s totally acceptable to lust after strangers.

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3. As long as you don’t get creepy about it, as evidenced here.

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4. Set personal boundaries and stick by them.

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5. For example: Don’t date anyone who treats you with condescension.

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6. Practice, practice, practice…preferably not with a gas-powered lawn tool.

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7. Be true to yourself. Otherwise you might date people you have nothing in common with.

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8. Don’t listen to the haters.

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9. Seriously, nothing is more important than believing in yourself.

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10. Be open minded. You can meet your true love anywhere.

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11. But remember to keep your expectations realistic.

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12. Watch out for the “Romance Zone”. You are not obligated to date anyone you don’t want to!

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13. Dating can be scary but just keep in mind:

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14. And you’ll have this shit on lock-down like a…

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