Meet Turtle Pals Casey And Shelly!

They love each other and hate everything else. Probably not, but it’s fun to personify animals!

Shelly And Casey Love To Hug

ID: 594256

And Share Delicious Meals While They Gossip

ID: 594258

But They’re Totally Over Nemo’s Fame-Whoring Ways

ID: 594260

And The Paparazzi

ID: 594262

“Seriously Douche, Stop Taking Our Pictures!”

ID: 594263

“Come On Shelly, Let’s Blow This Reef.”

ID: 594267

The Daily Mail has more photos of Shelly and Casey and an interview with photographer Troy Mayne. Mr. Mayne is also a children’s novelist who has published a series of 20 books using his photos to tell stories.

Hat Tip: Laughter Key

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