18 Flawless Beauty Tips From “Fantasia” Centaurs

These ladies are professionals. Don’t lie, growing up you wanted their perfect lives.

1. Bathing under cold running water helps keep hair silky and libidos in check.

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2. Werk it, girl. Dancing naked in the privacy of your all-girl harem builds confidence.

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3. For fillies with curly hair, make sure the cherubs use a comb and not a brush.

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4. Braiding your tail while it’s wet will lead to sexy waves by night fall.

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5. Choose makeup that accents your flawlessness but won’t sweat off during a wine orgy.

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6. Remember a berry lip stain is a deliciously kissable statement.

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7. A matching manicure is an easy way to feel even sexier in your rosebud tube top.

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8. Don’t be afraid to explore a more avant-garde look.

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9. A flowered train is always fabulous, but be careful not to trip!

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10. A flirty askew hat and a pouty red lip never go out of style.

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11. Repeat: You wear the fashion. It doesn’t wear you.

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12. Practice how to graciously receive a compliment because you can’t help it if you’re popular.

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13. Also practice your bitch face for when haters try to throw shade.

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14. Get ready for a night out with friends to help elevate the party mood.

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15. Make sure everyone knows the pagan fertility rite don’t start till your herd prances in.

ID: 1619394

16. Centaurettes don’t walk, they fuckin’ strut like they own the glade.

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17. A cherub makes the best wingman but are easily distracted, so bring at least two.

ID: 1619392

18. And remember, always party like it’s 1999… B.C.

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