24 Disney Comebacks For Every Occasion

Who knew Disney had such a wealth of caustic one-liners?

1. When anyone misuses a magniloquent word.

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2. When basic bitches try to throw shade on you.

ID: 1479887

3. When your boss threatens “serious consequences” for the umpteenth time.

ID: 1479616

4. When the class geek shows up to the reunion swole.

ID: 1479837

5. When you take a frenemy clothes shopping.

ID: 1479927

6. When a gross drunken bro starts catcalling you.

ID: 1479999

7. When someone tries to talk shit about your mom.

ID: 1479758

8. When you have to explain social media to your extended family.

ID: 1479764

9. When you can’t seem to shake a guy.

ID: 1480186

10. When the same girl’s been hogging the bathroom mirror for over an hour.

ID: 1480320

11. When people just can’t take a damn hint.

ID: 1481442

12. When a dude friend asks you for dating advice.

ID: 1480712

13. When your siblings tell an hour-long rambling story with no point.

ID: 1480501

14. When your parents try to set you up on a date with “that nice boy.”

ID: 1481190

15. When women start hitting on your man right in front of you.

ID: 1481248

16. When your mom emails you chain letters written in colorful Comic Sans.

ID: 1481351

17. When you answer the door to Jehovah’s Witnesses instead of the pizza guy.

ID: 1483778

18. When a co-worker keeps humble bragging about his sexploits.

ID: 1481514

19. When people keep talking over you during a presentation.

ID: 1481502

20. When you get shushed during a conversation.

ID: 1483664

21. When you a dude says you’re great at something… for a girl.

ID: 1483694

22. When your bestie starts gushing about her new crush.

ID: 1483816

23. When someone on Facebook leaves a cryptic status update.

ID: 1483825

24. When you leave the house. For any reason. Ever.

ID: 1481455

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