It’s A Crime Against Fashion These 15 Monster High Heels Aren’t Human Sized

Mattel is missing out on an obvious cash-in. These shoes are wasted as mere doll accessories.

1. These flawless golden boots.

ID: 1520304

2. These grown-up jellies.

ID: 1520332

3. These killer webbed boots.

ID: 1520330

4. These Valentine wedges.

ID: 1520355

5. These lovely heart stilettos.

ID: 1520480

6. These bloody boots and sticky heels.

ID: 1520360

7. These peep-toed Fleur-de-lis.

ID: 1520361

9. These asymmetrical Mary Jane booties.

ID: 1520389

11. These exquisite wedge sandals.

ID: 1520391

12. These magenta feathered wedges.

ID: 1520414

13. These insanely intricate no heel heels.

ID: 1520429

14. These cool casual two-toned wedges.

ID: 1520488

15. These sizzling snake peep-toed shoes.

ID: 1520487

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