9 Inspired Ways To Create Melted Crayon Art

Because drawing with crayons is boring. If you’re looking for a fun, easy, cheap art project this winter, you can’t go wrong crayon on canvas.

1. Start Out Learning The Basics Of Melting Crayons Onto Canvas.

There’s an easy step-by-step guide by Craftster here.

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2. Use A Brush Or Sponge If You Want To Create A Softer Look.

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3. Or Create A Different Color Palette.

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4. Add Other Touches To Make More Dynamic Works Of Art.

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5. Remember: Melted Crayons Can Show A Range Of Emotion.

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6. For A Different Project, Crayons Fit Perfectly Into A Hot Glue Gun!

If you want to create complex subjects, this process gives you more control. Check out the full tutorial.

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7. If You Have A Lot Of Broken Crayons Lying Around, Make Some Impressionist Paintings.

All you need is newspaper and an iron. The Full Moxie has step-by-step instructions.

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8. If Pointillism Is More Your Thing, Break Out Some Tea Lights And Get To Work.

This project is simple enough for kids too!

ID: 661755

9. Or Add Tape To A Blank Canvas To Create Patterns And Shapes.

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