16 More Hilariously Inappropriate Art History Snapchats

Snapchat has increased museum attendance by at least 125,000%. Looks like Lyxdelsic started a trend.

1. King Louis XIV is having none of your shade.

ID: 1977935

2. Those rumors about Hercules overcompensation were completely true.

ID: 1977983

3. Finally we know the story behind An Old Man And His Grandson.

ID: 1977949

4. Everyone knows you can’t abduct Sabine women without getting them coffee.

ID: 1977957

5. Milo of Crotona got an ass for days.

ID: 1977961

6. Phrenology is a legit science that will definitely not be debunked ever, MO-OM.

ID: 1977972

7. Ugh, go fuse into someone else for once.

ID: 1977971

9. Is there anything more embarrassing than being force to high five the angel of death?

ID: 1977973

10. Looks like the catty androgynous Greek youths are out in force.

ID: 1977977

11. Leonardo da Vinci was the best at capturing Resting Bitch Face.

ID: 1977954

12. Foot to arm melding was how ancient Greek men showed affection.

ID: 1977992

13. Even the ancients weren’t immune to “Shit who put that coffee table there?!”

ID: 1978008

14. Nobody gives the stink-eye like Mary. Nobody.

ID: 1978021

15. Are we all just gonna ignore the fact someone hit Grandpa in the face with a shovel?

ID: 1978032

16. The Elder Sister has already killed once, and next she comes for you.

ID: 1978031

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