13 Reminders That Big Cats Are Basically House Cats

Only, you know, deadlier.

1. They pose for unbearably cute pictures.

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2. They begrudgingly wear collars.

Mustafa Quraishi,file / AP
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3. They love treats and will be insistent on you feeding them NOW.

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4. They love belly rubs!

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5. Their kittens are so fluffy, you’ll want to die.

Ilnar Salakhiev / AP
ID: 983912

6. They love their humans!

ID: 983873

7. And want to play with them.

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8. They hate being trapped in a room and will try to find a way out.

Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune / MCT
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9. They will eat your food because they love you, not respect you.

ID: 983933

10. They hate the car.

ID: 983937

11. They climb up into places and have no idea how to get down.

ID: 983964

12. They will sprawl out anywhere to sleep, dignity be damned.

ID: 983989

13. And they LOVE boxes.

ID: 983764

No. Seriously.

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