10 Pieces Of Proof That Llamas Are Jerks

The petting zoo tells you not to punch the llamas. There’s a reason they had to put up a sign.

You Know What Sign, Maybe People Are Punching Llamas For A Reason

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1. Maybe The Llama Started The Fight.

ID: 647898

2. Or Stole Another Hat…

…and they don’t even look good in hats!

ID: 647896

3. It Could Have Just Been Acting Like It Was Better Than You.

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Wedding photographers are expensive, llama!

Photo By: Caroline Tran

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5. If It Did This, Punch It Twice.

ID: 647941

6. Maybe It Peed In Your Pool.

ID: 647962

7. Or Perhaps It’s Just A Humble Brag Conversation Hog

God llama, no one CARES you were an extra in The Emperor’s New Groove.

ID: 647979

8. Maybe A Llama Once Stole A Cab From Your Grandpa.

ID: 647897

9. You Trusted That Llama With Your Halloween Costume Idea, AND IT STOLE IT.

ID: 647945

10. In Conclusion:

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