10 Surprising Things You Learn When You Become An Adult

There are lots of surprises in store. Discover card helps you avoid surprises with your credit by providing your free FICO® Credit Score on monthly statements and online. Learn more about FICO® Credit Score Terms here.

1. You can probably learn more on the job than you will in school.

Nothing like hands-on experience!

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2. Lucky for you, because when your lightbulb goes out, it won’t replace itself!


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3. A few years after college, your Facebook page will be dominated with engagement pics, and then babies.

Endless likes.

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4. You don’t have to live with best friends to have a great housing situation.

Just make sure your roomie is neat and tidy.

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5. Cutting class is completely different from skipping a day of work.

You’ll be catching up for days on trillions of emails.

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6. Babies come with NO instructions, and your life’s mission is to protect them forever.

But look how cute they are.

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7. Spending more on certain things is totally worth it.

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The better quality, the longer they’ll last. Food, clothes, furniture — you name it!

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8. No app can replace an old-fashioned written to-do list.

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Nothing will ever feel as satisfying as when you check off those items!

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9. There IS joy in cleaning.

You’ll reap the benefits for days.

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10. And even greater joy in going to bed early.

Cherish those precious ZZZs.

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There are plenty of surprising moments in your adult life. At least with Discover card you can get your FICO® Credit Score for free on monthly statements and online to avoid surprises with your credit. Learn more about FICO® Credit Score Terms here.

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