17 Things That Are So Fluffy

WARNING: Extreme cuteness ahead.

1. This seal having an amazing dream.

3. It’s just too cute, right?

4. Just a couple of bear cubs doin’ cardio.

5. This fluffy chick just isn’t quite ready to fly.

6. This pup is just bowlin’ around.

7. And this panda is doing its very first somersault.

8. But these fat cats are casually levitating.

9. Can you handle more fluff?

10. Just look at this perfect kitten.

11. These bunnies are totally going to get married.

Via gph.is

12. Is it too much for you?

Via gph.is

13. These moments of cute?

14. All this fluff?

15. Here is a prickly break.

Via gph.is

16. And we’re back with a fuzzy piglet.

Via gph.is

17. And an adorable penguin.

Via gph.is

Want more cuteness? See Despicable Me 2, in theaters July 3.

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