11 Old School Newscaster Fails

Ok, everyone. Here are 11 clips of newscasters doing a bad job casting news. Why? Because this is the internet, it’s what we do, and we do it well. If you like this kind of thing (and you’re on BuzzFeed so, well yeah), you need to get on board with Deon Cole’s Black Box. The former Conan writer/performer is obsessed with pop culture, TV and the web. And, since he’s funny as hell, they gave him his own show, which debuts tonight at 10 PM on TBS.


LOL because the actual kidnapper was an otter.

ID: 1207530

Search over.

ID: 1207619

The classic Fox News Grape Lady is best watched with sound.

ID: 1207744
ID: 1214281

5. And now to Chuck, for a Weather-Penis Update

ID: 1211371
KLST News San Angelo / Via youtube.com
ID: 1211344

LOL she misspelled “Erica.”

ID: 1208451

It’s worth watching the whole (30-second long) original clip just to see how this consummate pro keeps delivering the news as if it were his plan all along.

ID: 1208497
ID: 1213028

It’s worth watching the full video if only to see Matt Lauer and Katie Couric not let her off the hook at all.

ID: 1211358
ID: 1214283

Fans of grown men squealing in terror are going to want to watch the full video.

ID: 1212053

Inspired by Deon Cole’s Black Box

Don’t miss the premiere episode, Monday, June 10 at 10 PM on TBS.

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