11 Affordable Kitchen Utensils That Will Change Your Life

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1. A cutting board that helps you measure.


Imagine all the perfectly sized carrot slivers. Swoon.

ID: 2993053

2. An onion holder.


This will guide your knife into making clean, even slices, and it also doubles as an odor reducer.

ID: 2992109

3. A corn on the cob scraper.

Corn salads will no longer be a pain to make.

ID: 2977391

4. A fresh herb grinder.

This grinder will allow you to quickly shred your fresh herbs while you’re finishing up your dish!

ID: 2977385

5. Circles that measure how much spaghetti you should use.


This will end your terrible anxiety that you’re making way too much spaghetti.

ID: 2993072

6. A mango cutter.

Not only will you get optimal mango pieces, but you’ll no longer have to fear the mango slipping onto the floor, leaving you in tears.

ID: 2977276

7. A jalepeño de-seeder.


This finally puts you in control of how spicy your dish is.

ID: 2993091

8. Cake batter dispenser.

No more lopsided cupcakes! This dispenser will make you a proud baker.

ID: 2992169

9. A strainer top.

This’ll allow you to keep the pasta in the pot so you have one less thing to clean.

ID: 2992123

10. A julienne slicer.


Your days of feeling inadequate in the julienne department will be over.

ID: 2992136

11. And these amazing sunny-side up egg separators.

No more need to separate sunny-side up eggs and accidentally pierce the yolk. Congratulations!

ID: 2977369

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