23 Signs You’re Addicted To Bright Lipstick

“My Lips But Better” shades, sit down.

1. Opening a new tube feels like Christmas.

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2. You remember your first lipstick attempt.

It wasn’t pretty.

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3. “My Lips But Better” shades bore you.

The au naturel look is fine and all, but you’d rather play with color.

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4. One swipe can make you feel all sorts of things.

ID: 2525707

…to playful…

ID: 2525736

…to classic…

New Line Cinema / Via
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…to 100% badass.

Lookin’ fierce.

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5. Maisie Williams gets you.

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6. Makeup stores are dangerous.

You WILL spend too much time trying on lipstick, and you WILL spend too much money on said lipstick. You will justify this by telling yourself that this shade of bright red is probably most definitely different from the bright red you already own.

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7. But it’s great having so many color options to choose from.

The world is your oyster.

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8. You’ve mastered the fine art of lipstick application.

You always use a lip brush to control exactly where color is deposited. And if you don’t have one, you put the tube in the fridge. The cooler temperature keeps the tip sharp, so it’s easier to stay within the lines.

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9. You can’t stand lipstick mishaps.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Getting lipstick on your teeth is an inexcusable offense.

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10. Finding lipstick that lasts all day is a victory.

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11. As is eating and drinking without smudging.

ID: 2527029

12. You’re paranoid about feathering.

You use primer, lip liner, and a dab of translucent powder.

ID: 2526212

13. You even own a little-known product called INVISIBLE LIP LINER.

And you frequently enjoy whipping it out in the ladies’ bathroom so others can ask you WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THAT.

ID: 2631042

14. You keep a mirror handy for touch-ups.

ID: 2526136

15. Along with a tissue for blotting.

Or you just use your finger and hope nobody notices.

ID: 2526177

16. Chapped lips are a daily struggle.

Flaky dead skin on your perfect pout is your worst nightmare, so you exfoliate religiously.

ID: 2637034

17. You’ve perfected the pout and the pucker.

ID: 2526357

18. You’re all set to seal a love letter with a kiss.

Walt Disney Animation Studios / Via

You know, if you had any love letters to send.

ID: 2526479

19. Discontinuing your favorite color is not okay.

You’ll never be ready for this kind of breakup. Should tragedy befall you, Three Custom Color Specialists can recreate the discontinued shade.

ID: 2531961

20. Your significant other is used to lipstick stains.

Walt Disney Productions / Via

And your roommates are used to lipstick-rimmed glasses and mugs.

ID: 2526438

21. When your friends look like this:

Castle Rock Entertainment / Via
ID: 2526232

You’re happy to help them out.

ID: 2531940

22. Going out without your trademark bright lips feels weird.

Something’s definitely missing.

ID: 2527123

23. Your smile is always the center of attention.

ID: 2527340

As it should be!

ID: 2527350

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