28 Colorful Nail Art Designs That Scream Summer

‘Tis the season for mani-pedis.

1. Liven up a basic french manicure with summery pastels.

3. Random splashes of color are artful and eye-catching.

6. Nothing says “summer” like watermelon nails.

http://__username__ / Via

These are actually Scratch nail wraps designed by artist Caroline Burke. No one will know it’s not real nail art because they look JUST LIKE THE REAL THING.

8. Get playful with cute critters.

http://__username__ / Via
http://__username__ / Via

11. Polka dots are an understated classic.

13. Florals never go out of style.


16. Nautical prints will get you excited for a summer vacation. / Via

17. Simple designs go a long way.

http://__username__ / Via

20. Mimic a summer sunset with ombre nails.

22. Try different geometric patterns.

http://__username__ / Via

25. Neon accents make your nails really pop.

This mani combines polish and acrylic paint to get vibrant nails that glow under black light:

How cool is that?! Tutorial here.

26. Palm trees add a beachy feel.

27. You can practically smell the ocean from here.

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