The 8 Most Insanely Unhealthy Restaurant Meals In America

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Each year the Center for Science in the Public Interest hands out tongue-in-cheek “awards” to what they call America’s most unhealthy restaurant meals.

The dishes are ranked on a combination of factors: calories, saturated fat, sodium, and sugar. CSPI doesn’t judge every restaurant in America; it works from a list of the top 200 restaurants in America according to Nation’s Restaurant News, a trade publication that covers the restaurant industry.

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Here are this year’s winners.*


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8. Chevys Fresh Mex Super Cinco Combo: 1,920 Calories

Say you are able to exercise superhuman restraint and refrain from eating the free chips and salsa and instead opt to eat only your meal.

That will include:
• a beef enchilada
• a chicken enchilada
• a crispy or soft taco
• a pork tamale
• a chile relleno
• Fresh Mex rice
• sweet corn tamalito
• either the bacon refried beans or the vegetarian black beans

TL;DR: This plate is the equivalent of 11 Taco Bell Crunchy Tacos.

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7. BJ’s Signature Deep Dish Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza (Small): 2,160 Calories


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6. The Cheesecake Factory’s Farfalle With Chicken and Roasted Garlic: 2,410 Calories

You’re probably like, “Oh, look at that delicious bowl of pasta, chicken, pancetta, and vegetables in a lovely cream sauce. That sounds just lovely.” Well, sort of lovely, if you’d also like to go on a 1-million-hour jog afterward to burn it off.

ID: 3499600

5. Maggiano’s Little Italy, Prime New York Steak Contadina style: 2,420 Calories

FINALLY! A restaurant that understands that steak alone is simply not enough. It needs potatoes, and vegetables, and garlic butter, and, of course, two links of Italian sausage.

ID: 3499667

4. Famous Dave’s The Big Slab, St. Louis-Style Spareribs: 2,770 Calories

Seems like anyone serving a giant slab of meat, accompanied by corn bread muffins, fries and baked beans, could be ~maybe~ overcompensating for ~something.~

ID: 3499479

3. The Cheesecake Factory’s Bruléed French Toast: 2,780 Calories

Oh, hello, custard, I didn’t see you hiding there in the middle of that French bread. TBH I was probably distracted by all that maple-butter syrup and bacon…or the 93 grams of saturated fat. Either one.

ID: 3499312

2. Joe’s Crab Shack’s The Big “Hook” Up: 3,280 Calories

Between the breaded balls of cream cheese, the coconut shrimp, the crab-stuffed shrimp, the fish & chips, the hush puppies, and the coleslaw, this is probably gonna be the night’s only hookup situation.

ID: 3499629

1. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers’ Monster Meal: 3,540 Calories

A.1. Peppercorn Burger: 1,670 calories
1 Serving of Bottomless Steak Fries: 370 calories
Monster Salted Caramel Milkshake: 1,500 calories
Total: 3,540 calories, 69 grams of saturated fat (more than three days’ worth), 6,280 milligrams of sodium, and a serious bellyache

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For more information on all of these meals, check out the full Xtreme Eating 2014 results.

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