17 Signs You Live With A Roommate

Pleeeeeeeeease clean something.

1. Dirty dishes are a perpetual part of your existence.

Flickr: crazyoctopus / Zach Zupancic

Nothing “needs to soak” for four days, guys.

2. You find the appliance you bought three months ago and never used is mysteriously broken.

Flickr: goodrob13 / Rob DiCaterino

3. Apparently there are different definitions of “taking out the garbage.”

You get no points for taking the bag out of the can. You have to actually remove it from the entire apartment.

4. “Clean” becomes a relative term.

Flickr: lauralewis23 / Laura Lewis

But what about all the time it spent soaking??

5. And it turns out that washing dishes is a learned skill.

One nobody ever taught your roommates. (Pro tip: If there is still food on the plate, TRY AGAIN.)

6. The microwave does not clean itself. I repeat: The microwave does not clean itself.

7. Same goes for the stovetop.

8. And the inside of the fridge.

Flickr: 96051441@N00 / Ryan Dickey

9. And the dishtowel you used to wipe raw chicken off the counter.

Flickr: 56755303@N00 / Matthew Ephraim

Let’s just put it this way: Nothing cleans itself. Okay?

10. There’s a deep layer of rotten food in your fridge and nobody will take responsibility for it.

MCA / Via giphy.com

11. Your roommates’ inability to recycle makes you fear for the future of the planet.

Flickr: dpstyles / Dennis Crowley

12. You finally go to the supermarket, only to find out that there is no room for any of your groceries.

Flickr: loonyhiker / loonyhiker

On the bright side, though, you guys are super prepared for Armageddon.

13. You spend all day looking forward to your last ice cream sandwich, only to discover it’s not there.

14. Your roommates eat your awesome snacks and then offer their totally non-awesome ones in return.

I don’t want your stupid baby carrots. I want MY DORITOS.


16. Just because the bottle is still in the kitchen does not mean there is anything still in the bottle.

17. That phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” — it didn’t come out of nowhere.

Flickr: 56755303@N00 / John Mahowald

Congratulations on having elbows. Now please stop hitting me with them.

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