Kenny G Is Secretly The Coolest Person You’ll Ever Meet

He has that hair. That smooth soprano sound. He even united Katy Perry and Hanson! Haters, back off: Kenny G is simply the coolest.

1. This is Kenny G. There’s never been a jazz musician quite like him.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images
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2. Start with the hair.

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3. Just LOOK at that hair.

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4. Even Jackie Chan can’t believe that hair!

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5. There’s that smile.

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6. And oh yes: That smooth soprano sound.

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7. Honestly, can it get any smoother than this?

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8. Even Miles Davis is a little speechless when he’s in Kenny G’s presence!

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9. But Kenny G isn’t just an amazing musician. He’s also one of the coolest humans who ever lived.

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10. Could someone who wasn’t super cool rock out on a pontoon plane like this?

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11. Could someone who wasn’t insanely cool play a saxophone made out of chocolate?

ID: 1003073

12. Could someone who wasn’t the coolest of ALL TIME unite Katy Perry and Hanson? Because this is the best supergroup since the Traveling Wilburys.

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13. Would someone who wasn’t ridiculously, absurdly, out-of-this-world cool agree to photos like this?

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14. Just face the facts: Kenny G is the coolest.

Amanda Edwards / Getty Images
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15. He loves the internet.

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16. He knows romance like no other.

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17. He even managed to make this clock smile!

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
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18. You’re wondering what else he’s given to the world? How about his son, Max G, who will carry on that G hair to the next generation?

ID: 1003146

19. What else? How about rocking this duet with Michael Bolton? That was for all of us.

ID: 1003157

20. Like Starbucks? Kenny G’s partially to thank. He was an early investor in the coffee chain.

ID: 1004261

21. And how about these dance moves? Kenny G, just super casual all the way. This is his gift to the world.

ID: 1003161

22. Oh, and he holds the record for the “longest note ever recorded on a saxophone.” He held that note for nearly 46 minutes. 46 AMAZING minutes.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images
ID: 1003190

23. Kenny G, thanks for giving us so many years of coolness. Never change.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
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