The Washington Capitals Will Win The Stanley Cup (Because Screw It, It Has To Happen Eventually, Right?)

The young guns become experienced vets. Forget the experts, I believe in the boys in red.

1. Okay, Caps fans, let’s talk about Game 5 last season. You remember Game 5, don’t you? That OT winner by Mike Ribeiro?

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2. The way it made you believe in true love and rainbows and all of the goodness of the universe? The way you BELIEVED?

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3. And then there was the thing that came after. The thing we won’t say. The thing that reminded you: Oh yeah, I’m a Caps fan.

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4. Because it’s hard being a Caps fan. You learn to fear springtime. Since the Caps went to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998, Washington’s had nine playoff trips — and only three series wins.

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5. To be a Caps fan is to believe, and believe, and… wake up one day and watch someone else raise the Cup.

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6. Nobody’s picking the Capitals to win it all this year. The experts seem to think the Caps lack toughness.

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Tom Wilson, anything to say about that?

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7. But here’s the thing: What if the experts are all wrong? What if this team is actually ready to take the leap?

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8. Take Alex Ovechkin. He’s coming off an MVP season, and he’s still getting better at right wing. He’s a veteran now in his 9th NHL season — but he’s only 28.

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9. And the cast behind him is really exciting. There’s Nicklas Backstrom, one of the league’s best passers. On the second line, there’s Mikhail Grabovski and Troy Brouwer, who’ve combined for 69 goals the past two seasons.

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10. Braden Holtby’s between the pipes — and oh yes, over the past three seasons, he’s got a 93% save percentage in even-strength play, seventh best in the league.

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He’s got help, too. Mike Green, Karl Alzner, and John Carlson are dominant on the blue line.

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11. And yeah, there’s that power play — which scored on an insane 27% of its chances last year.

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12. Maybe they’re not the front-runners this year. But this team is pretty talented.

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13. So this is no time to stop rocking the red.

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14. You’ve always believed. You believed in Peter Bondra. You believed in Dale Hunter.

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15. So why not this year? Why not a year with three former Caps greats behind the bench?

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16. Why not a season with a reigning MVP leading the way? Why not Nicky and Greeny and the rest of these guys?

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17. Let’s drop that puck. Let’s get this new season underway.

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18. Unleash the fury, boys.

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