A Tribute To The Preakness, Once The Drunkest Place In Sports

It was really crazy. WARNING: You’re about to see some dangerously low-res videos of frat bros going wild during the mid-00s.

1. Once upon a time, on a Saturday on May, this was the site of the biggest, drunkest outdoor party in sports.

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2. You drove to Baltimore for the Preakness — the second leg in horse racing’s Triple Crown. But from your spot in the infield, you probably never saw a horse.

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3. You came with provisions. BYOB wasn’t just permitted — it was encouraged.

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4. You showed up early. You were excited.

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5. The day started off smoothly. You were only a little drunk when you arrived at the infield.

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6. You were dressed in your finest attire.

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Hunter Martin / Getty Images

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7. You felt downright American, and proud to be from Maryland.

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8. And then, it all got a little crazy.

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9. The beer kicked in.

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10. You started running the urinals.

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11. It did not end well, but you ran them.

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12. You threw entire cans of beer at anyone who moved.

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13. You drank. You cheered.

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14. And you had no idea who won the Preakness the previous year.

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15. You tried to fight someone.

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16. You tried to beat up a table, but failed.

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17. You were pretty sure you saw someone die, but then you just took a video selfie instead.

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18. Police watched, too, and just let it go.

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19. You left the infield in a state of slight disrepair.

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20. Then, one day, the Preakness had enough. They banned fans from bringing their own alcohol into the infield. Now you can only buy it from vendors.

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It was a sad day for Maryland.

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21. The Preakness tried to introduce a new mascot, Kegasus, to keep the party going. But you knew: it was over. This year, the event will feature a performance by Pitbull. Pitbull!

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22. So thanks for the memories, Preakness infield. You are gone, but never forgotten.

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