A Hashbrown Miracle: Waffle House Opens Concession Stand In Braves Stadium

Go live the dream for all of us, Braves fans.

1. You can get some amazing food at a baseball game. Giant buckets of burgers. Insane hot dogs. Massively oversized pretzels.


2. But this week, a new, amazing concession stand opened at Turner Field in Atlanta.

3. Even former Braves greats freaked out.

4. Then came Friday, opening night at Waffle House at the Ted. Fans arrived at the stadium, and there they were, the good people of Waffle House, just waiting to serve.

5. So they came.

6. They came with signs.

7. With smiles.


8. And yes, with one mission: To get those waffles.

Just got our first waffle at THE TED!! #wafflehouse (#braves vs #stlcards game w/ http://t.co/up7q9ZkxEh)

— Bleupolo (@Beth McCollough)

12. And because this was Atlanta…

Overheard: "Waffle House has opened at Atlanta Stadium. Gives new meaning to 'scattered, smothered and CHOPPED'." :) #Braves

— LoisMarketing (@Lois Martin)

13. Your move, every other stadium.

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