10 Awesome And Outrageous Superhero Re-Imaginings

Because when it comes to spandex-clad supermen (and women), there’s always room for improvement. Don’t miss Arrow, The CW’s action-packed re-imagining of comicdom’s favorite archer. Wednesdays at 9/8c, only on The CW.

1. Wild West Justice League, by Denis Medri

ID: 579125

2. The Justice League as Manatees, by Joel Micah Harris

ID: 580654

3. Fantasy Avengers, by theDURRRRIAN

ID: 579464

4. Gender-Swapped Justice League International, by Maya Nord

ID: 579689

5. The Medieval Dark Knight, by Igor Kieryluk

ID: 580424

6. Manga-Style Justice League, by Cliff Chiang

ID: 579755

7. Sengoku Era Avengers, by Alex Mitchell

ID: 579371

8. Sailor Avengers, by Ann Marcellino

ID: 580563

9. Hipster X-Ladies, by Nate Bellegarde

ID: 579216

10. The Super Friends as The Golden Girls, by Kevin Bapp

ID: 580915

Inspired by The CW’s “Arrow”

Devil-may-care playboy Oliver Queen’s core concerns were fast cars and faster living, but that was before the accident. Stranded alone on a deserted island, Queen recasts himself as a hardened survivor, willing to do whatever it takes to make it home alive. Long thought dead in the public eye, he returns to Starling City as the vigilante archer Arrow, hellbent on quashing the criminal element that’s run rampant in his leave.

ID: 580989

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