12 Things Girls Can’t Do

Seriously? There’s NOTHING girls can’t do.

1. Girls can’t skateboard.

2. Girls can’t be in charge.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

3. Girls can’t be strong.

4. Girls can’t be funny.

5. Girls can’t talk about sports.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

6. Girls can’t be tough.

(She’s pulling out her OWN TOOTH with a BOW AND ARROW.)

7. Girls can’t be superheros.

pop culture geek / Doug Kline (CC BY http://2.0), cropped and color adjusted / Via Flickr: 26728047@N05

9. Girls can’t be scientists.

Coma Niddy / youtube.com?v=MwvOCTdIaSE&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLAE15CB4B665FD5C7 / Via pbsdigitalstudios.tumblr.com

10. Girls can’t be directors.

Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

12. Girls can’t drive.

toddletale / youtube.com?v=d05BVHT9I4k / Via lolgifs.net

Yes. Girls can.

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