12 Reasons Why Makeover Episodes Are The Best

Everyone loves seeing the duckling become a swan! Watch The X Factor on Wednesdays & Thursdays at 8/7c on FOX, brought to you by CoverGirl.

1. The “befores” are just like you!


2. And seeing pretty people without makeup is oddly thrilling.


3. When people hear they’re getting makeovers, the reactions are always amazing.


4. They’re either really cute about it…

Make me beautiful!

5. …or totally NOT on board.

FOX / Via ebengregory.com

Are you going to cut my hair? ARE YOU?

6. There’s instant bargaining from the more nervous participants.


But I *just* had it dyed. I *just* bought this weave. I *just* found out that my hair is what keeps me alive, and if you cut it, I’ll die.

7. The tension builds because you only get to see pieces of the makeover as it is happening.

So. Much. Tension.

8. Then the emotional reveal!



9. It’s THE BEST.



10. Someone ALWAYS cries.

Either happy tears or angry tears, but definitely tears.

11. The newfound confidence some participants have is totally inspiring.


Get it, girl.

12. And everyone always looks AH-mazing.


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