12 Fashion Criminals That Must Be Stopped

Please, please stop. For the sake of fashion!

1. MC Sagger

Ding ding! We have a winner for the “SAG” awards. Good thing he already has a trophy (wife) covered in gold. Seriously, what are those pants made out of? #fabricfail

ID: 1661955

2. Cin-toe-rella

Here’s a great shoe choice if you’re into looking like a frog. Or you love toes.

ID: 1661858

3. Ugg-ly Betty

I See Modern Britain

Flickr: 27128437@N07

Getty/Marc Piasecki/Contributor


Who ever decided that this a good combo? Talk about sweaty city.

ID: 1663302

4. The Spandex King

Maria Sheila / Via Flickr: marias_mystique

I’m sorry, bro, but spandex is not a good look for you. Bring back the cotton!

ID: 1688571

5. Hipster-ella


Polyester ruffles are never cute. Even ironically.

ID: 1662737

6. Lady Drapery

Frank Kovalchek / Via Flickr: 72213316@N00

Nothing screams FASHIONABLE like a big sheet draped over your body.

ID: 1688568

7. Madam Leather


There is a time and place for leather. (But not right now.)

ID: 1662428

8. Mister Flower Power

It’s like grandma’s couch mated with a power suit. But not endearing. Not at all.

ID: 1661473

9. Marty McShortshorts

But the worst crime here is that he’s not wearing a helmet. C’mon.

ID: 1661815

10. Benjamin Button

The sunglasses through the button hole is the icing on the cake.

ID: 1661993

11. Business On the Top, Party On the Bottom???

Jennifer Pauley / Via Flickr: seemesnap

Brown Shoes + Black Business Socks + Gym Shorts = Grandpa’s best outfit.

ID: 1688514

12. The Tightey Whitey

We’ll just leave this here.

ID: 1661917

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