11 Things That Just Aren’t Worth The Savings

Everyone loves a good deal. But some things just aren’t worth the savings, much less the trouble.

1. Low-quality toilet paper


You know why this is important.

ID: 1747007

2. Gas station sushi

Raw fish does not mean fresh fish.

ID: 1746905

3. DIY plumbing projects

It’ll just get worse and worse. Pay a plumber for crying out loud.

ID: 1746991

4. Cheap hostels

We’ve all heard enough horror stories…

ID: 1747229

5. Cheap fabric blends

L. Roberts

Those clothes were made to fall apart after one season. It ain’t the quality we deserve!

ID: 1847904

6. Sketchy car mechanics

You never know what they’re really doing with your car.

ID: 1747189

7. That itchy mystery fabric sweater

Should have just stuck to cotton.

ID: 1747797

8. A used car with more problems than it’s worth

Definitely not a good way to impress a date.

ID: 1747302

9. A knockoff tablet

This ended up being a mirror neatly wrapped with cardboard and duct tape.

ID: 1747577

10. That pirated software you downloaded

Nothing is worth the blue screen of death. Nothing.

ID: 1747677

11. Bootleg DVDs

Right at the climax, all you get is static. Never fails.

ID: 1747803

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