11 Things That Will Change Your Bathroom Experience Forever

You’ll never look at your bathroom the same way.

1. Surely you’ll need a waterproof notepad.

Because shower ideas are IMPORTANT.

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2. Who could bear to rise from the comfort of a HEATED toilet seat?

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3. Ahhh, massaging bathmats.

Just look at how relaxed and massaged those legs look.

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4. Quirky decorative soaps are always a crowd-pleaser.

You can wash your hands… with HANDS.

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5. You’ve GOTTA try cleaning your tub with grapefruit.

Slice a grapefruit in half, cover in salt, and scrub your tub! Actually works and smells AMAZING.

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6. Invest in some mini squeegees and never let mirror fog get in your way again.

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7. Stick-on compartments save lives.

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8. How about magical horse appliqués for your toilet seat?

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9. Excellent lighting makes all the difference.

Candles for aromatherapy and mood lighting, or a chandelier for instant class (even in a tiny city apartment).

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10. HOW have we all been living without shaving pedestals?

You’ll never have to awkwardly shave on the side of the tub LIKE SOME KIND OF PLEBEIAN again.

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11. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers will enhance your showers like whoa.

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But NOTHING beats rolls of big, plush toilet paper.

Mat Hayward / Via shutterstock.com
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Cottonelle will make all of your TP dreams come true. Their soft, comfy Clean Care double rolls are 25% bigger than the leading brand.

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