12 Reasons We All Love Road Trips

Life is a highway. Hop in the all-new, 2014 Toyota Corolla and make some memories.

1. The open road is perfect for clearing your mind.

2. And some of the best conversations happen in the car.

Steve Prezant / Getty Images

3. You never know what you’ll see.

Sandimann21 / Via Twitter: @sandimann21

4. A road trip is the perfect excuse to make an amazing playlist.

5. Some gas stations are amazing.

Philschatz / Via Flickr: philschatz

6. And those car snacks can be epic.

andrea_lynn20 / Via instagram.com

7. The funny moments are priceless.

8. The beauty of the wilderness is breathtaking.

9. There are surprises around every bend.

Miandroche / Via Flickr: mlandroche

10. It’s the perfect opportunity for a prank.

MileRustad / Via Flickr: mllerustad

11. Sleeping in the car rules.

Elizabeth_Albert / Via Flickr: elizabeth_albert

12. The wind on your face feels amazing.

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