The 11 Most Insanely Good Coffee Ads In The World

These’ll wake you up, especially a really, really crazy TV ad via Sweden.

1. Stella Coffee (Italy)

“The bite of coffee.”
I…like it?
2nd ad below.

2. Stella Coffee (Italy)

3. Australian Aroma Festival

A Mona Lisa made from 4,000 cups of coffee. Wow.
The festival is a coffee tasting extravaganza with over 100 roasters/vendors.

4. McDonald’s Coffee (Finland)

That’s a big coffee.
Kind of looks like ocean sewage.
Cannes Lion winner.

5. The Coffee Inn (Lithuania)

Hot coffee. For the Coffee Inn in Vilnius.

6. Folgers

This was a real New York City ad stunt, from 2006.
Stickers were placed over several steaming manholes in Manhattan.
Unfortunately, Folgers couldn’t alter the aroma of the steam, which smelled like sewage.

7. Blandongan Coffee (Indonesia)

Translation: “Wakes the Body and Soul.”
In Indonesia, the dead are covered in white cloth, according to Muslim tradition. The cotton in the nose is part of the ritual.
So, Necromancer Joe.

8. McDonald’s Coffee (Canada)

A real installation promoting free coffee.

9. Beans & Beyond (India)

“Extra Strong Coffee”
Whooo doesn’t like strong coffee?

10. McDonald’s Coffee (Sweden)

This is the craziest coffee TV commercial ever. Easily.
Why can’t McDonald’s run ads like this in the US?

11. Café BonoGrão (Brazil)

“Keep the Distance”
Strong Brazilian coffee.
Batshit insanely good artwork.

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