15 Comics For Anyone Struggling To Explain What It Means To Be Queer

G is not the only letter in LGBTQ.

1. Explaining a gay relationship can already be daunting.

Comic by Lori (halfaleagueonward).

ID: 2575603

2. Let alone explaining the more complicated nuances about queerness.

Poly In Pictures comics by Cassian.

ID: 2575771

3. Or being trans.

Comic by Elias Ericson.

ID: 2575772

4. Or any number of deeply personal romantic alignments unfamiliar to most.

Comic by Noel Arthur Hempel.

ID: 2575770

5. There’s benefit in naming each identity.

Comic by KateOrDie (Kate Leth).

ID: 2586649

6. In that knowing they exist alleviates some measure of loneliness.

ID: 2587560

7. Words can be used in ways that broaden — rather than restrict — everyone’s happiness and choices.

“There is a will to power in nomenclature.” —Ihab Hassan.
Comic by Erika Moen.

ID: 2575795

8. This can take time for you to discover.

Comic by KateOrDie (Kate Leth).

ID: 2575776

9. Or to explain to others.

Comic by Molly Alice.

ID: 2575778

10. That doesn’t mean you choose your partners that much differently than others.

ID: 2585801

11. Queer should make these questions obsolete.

Comic by Cassian.

ID: 2587227

12. Because it’s about not trapping anyone in set binaries.

GenderFluid comics by Julia (xrainringox).

ID: 2590108

13. And making more people feel at home in the LGBTQ community.

Comic by Elias Ericson.

ID: 2575780

15. As well as everywhere else.

Comic by Cassian.

ID: 2575841

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