10 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Cop

Everyone knows the appeal of someone in uniform, but there’s many other things you should consider before asking an officer out. If you want to see a couple of cops you’d probably want to date, check out Common Law, premiering on Friday, May 11, at 10pm only on USA.

1. Having to perform a “strip search” will finally be a GOOD thing

2. You’ll probably want to ditch that radar detector

3. THIS is a “nightstick,” no matter what your date might tell you

4. Avoid the sensitive topic of doughnuts

5. Your new favorite movie is “The Naked Gun” (if it wasn’t already)

6. Know your Miranda rights. It’s probably a good idea anyway (but who needs the Constitution), but mostly it’d be really embarrassing if you were dating a cop and didn’t even know your own damn rights.

7. Buy a “prisoner” costume. It’ll probably keep things interesting

8. Don’t let them go too far with their “authoritah”

9. Delete and or burn any evidence of that one spring break back in college

10. Make sure he never took any pages out of Paul Blart, Mall Cop’s book

Inspired by:

Although they’re not dating, Travis Marks (Michael Ealy, star of Think Like a Man) and Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole) experience all the worst aspects of it. The two are partners in the LAPD, and despite that they’re both star homicide detectives, they hate each other. Taking a different response to the situation, their police chief makes them go to couples’ therapy, in an effort to keep them together as a team.

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