Our Favorite Adam Devine Moments Of All Time

We take a look back at our favorite Adam moments from Workaholics, Mail Order Comedy, and beyond.

1. You Don’t Want to Date Me?

One of the best rejection philosophies ever spoken.

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2. The Boy Scout Rule of D’s

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Young men across the globe learned a valuable lesson from Adam that day. A lesson about the D.

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3. Arm Wrestling Champion

Because no victory is complete without dramatically putting on a headband.

ID: 1815707

4. Adam Sings the National Anthem

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Who else would love to see a version of this with the Wizards as the backing band?

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5. Adam Is A Pacifist

Gandhi would be proud.

ID: 1815725

6. Special Unit’s Unit

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Keep an eye out for Adam walking into the camera at 1:17.

ID: 1815733

7. Adam Stares Down Reddit User /u/BlueHarmoniums at Bonnaroo

I’m not sure whether to laugh, or run for the nearest exit.

ID: 1815740

8. Nerd Alert

Only the coolest dudes can sing acapella with Adam. No nerds.

ID: 1815760

9. Are You Flexing?

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Adam is one buff dude.

ID: 1815784

10. Sup.

Who could resist that face? Alice.

ID: 1815884

11. Dude House

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I wish I could be living the Trey life.

ID: 1815788

12. Let’s Get Weird!

The rallying cry of an entire generation.

ID: 1815893

13. Adam on Arrested Development!

“And now, the story of three friends and the one airline that had no choice but to hire them all.”

ID: 1815901

14. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sorry ladies, he’s taken.

ID: 1816630

15. Car Chase

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I hope he’s ok after those intense stunts.

ID: 1815990

16. I Feel Stuuuuppiiidddd

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Adam perfectly channels the inner crybaby in all of us.

ID: 1815992

17. Two Girls, One Adam

Is it weird that this makes me want to eat ice cream?

ID: 1816025

18. Adam Lets His Anger Out

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. But he’s usually a chill dude.

ID: 1816000

19. Those Scientists Better Check Their Hypotenuses, Dude

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C’mon scientists. What is this, amateur hour?

ID: 1816011

20. Fix You

Coldplay: Not for bitches after all.

ID: 1816027

21. My Face is an Awesome Face

The man’s got a point.

ID: 1816017

Adam Devine’s House Party premieres on Comedy Central tonight at 12:30a/11:30c.

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