14 Little Things That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

Sometimes the tiniest thing can make your day amazing. It’s kind of like taking a sip of Coke. You pop open that can and, just like that, your day rocks. For more fun, click here for an awesome AHH Experience!

1. Finding Money on The Ground

Is there anything more exciting than finding free money? No. The answer is no.

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2. Seeing a Puppy

It’s a fact, puppies make the world a happier place.

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3. The Subway Arriving Right As You Get To The Platform

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Double happy points if you can find a seat that doesn’t smell like pee.

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4. When You Turn On The TV Right As Your Favorite Movie Starts

You + TV = BFF

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5. New Socks

Happy soles. Happy souls.

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6. Playing Cat or Not

Click here to play. It’s a game. Where you say whether a thing is a cat. Or not a cat. Why are you not there yet?

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7. Finding Your Favorite Lip Balm In Your Pocket

Take that, chapped lips. Fate is out to get you!

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8. Your Retail Purchase Magically Checks-Out On Sale

You’re totally going to dominate this day.

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9. Waking Up One Minute Before Your Alarm Goes Off

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It’s like, you’re….WELL RESTED!

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10. When Your Package Arrives Before You Expect It

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The delivery guy is like Santa for adults. (Except for that whole chimney and reindeer business.)

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11. Stepping Outside Right As It Stops Raining

Bonus happy points for a rainbow.

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12. Samples Of Fancy Cheese

Free tastes so good.

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13. An Empty Freeway

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Which lane will you choose?*

*You should choose the furthest lane to the right, for safety.

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14. The First Warm Day Of Summer

Bust out those sandals and shorts. It’s going to be a great summer.

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Inspired by the Coca-Cola AHH Effect

Chick here to explore the world of AHH.

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