22 Pimm’s-Filled Ways To Toast The Royal Baby

The birth of the royal baby is a serious historic event. Please, don’t let that stop you from recognizing it as an opportunity to make booze-filled cupcakes.

It’s Pimm’s O’Clock Somewhere!

Whether or not you’ve been swept up in the royal baby hysteria, you might as well use it as an excuse to buy a bottle of Pimm’s No. 1. A gin-based liqueur with hints of citrus and spice, it is arguably Britain’s most delicious export.

WARNING: Some of these links contain very British ingredients. Also, some measurements are given in (*brace yourselves*) METRIC!

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1. Classic Pimm’s Cup

The original. You’ll probably want to make a whole pitcher. Recipe here.

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2. Pimm’s Cup Popsicles

Because the Brits can be quite cold, you know? Recipe here.

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3. Pimm’s Cupcakes

Perfect for high tea. Recipe here.

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4. Pimm’s and Strawberry Ice Cream Floats

Although, this is a pretty Americanized spin on things… Recipe here.

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5. Grilled Strawberries with Pimm’s and Vanilla Ice Cream

Jolly good. Recipe here.

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6. Pimm’s Sorbet

Recipe here.

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7. Pimm’s Jelly

“Jelly” = “Jell-O” across the pond. Recipe here.

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8. Pimm’s Summer Trifle

“Trifle, trifle, trifle, trifle, trifle…” Repeat 20 times, fast, and you might be able to trick yourself into thinking that you actually are English. This is your future MONARCH being born! Recipe here.

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9. Pimm’s Lemon Mojito

Not sure if the Windsors would approve. Recipe here.

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10. Pimm’s Cake with Strawberry-Pimms Frosting

Quite posh looking, isn’t it? Recipe here.

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11. Wimbledon Roll with Pimm’s Cream

Might as well keep celebrating the end of that 77-year drought, while you’re toasting Britain. Recipe here.

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12. Orange Cheesecake with Strawberry and Pimm’s Jelly

Recipe here.

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13. Cherry & Pimm’s Pie

Cut me just a smidge would you? Recipe here.

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14. Pimm’s Granita

A bit plebeian, but delicious nonetheless. Recipe here.

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15. Pimm’s Soaked “Union Jack” Fruit Tart

Their version of the flag cake is far classier than ours, naturally. Recipe here.

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16. Pimm’s Cake Pop Truffles

Smashing. Recipe here.

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17. Black Pimm’s Cup

A splash of port makes this cocktail strong enough to get a tad bit tipsy. Recipe here.

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18. Pimm’s Lemon Drizzle Cake

Brilliant. Recipe here.

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19. Strawberry and Pimm’s Jam

Perhaps you could smear it on a scone, with some Earl Grey? Recipe here.

ID: 1360147

20. Pimm’s Eton Mess

A nod to the baby’s future alma mater (if it’s a boy). Recipe here.

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21. Baked Strawberry Cheesecake with Pimm’s Jelly and Minted-Chili Syrup

Looks like a royal pain in the arse to make, but probably well worth it. Recipe here.

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22. Pimms and Star Anise Stewed Plums and Cherries with Amaretti Biscuits

It’s called a “cookie,” not a “biscuit.” But we’ll give you this round, England. Today is about you. Recipe here.

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