11 Reasons Why Siri Is The Best Copilot Ever

Why would you drive with anyone else? With the 2014 Sonic and Spark, featuring Siri Eyes Free integration, you won’t have to.

1. Music too loud? Never for Siri.

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2. And she’ll never judge you for how many times you’ve listened to “The Final Countdown.” On repeat.

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3. Siri actually knows where she’s going. Always.

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4. A little bit of rain will never get Siri worked up.

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5. She’ll never tell you about the guy she just broke up with and then got back together with, again.

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6. Siri doesn’t mind you waiting it out for the perfect parking spot.

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7. And she always thinks you look super cool.

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8. Siri won’t need to hold your hand when you’re running late.

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9. And she’ll never slam on an imaginary brake pedal in the passenger seat.

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10. Spill a drink in your car? Siri wouldn’t dare.

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11. And she’ll never, ever put her feet up on your dash.

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Inspired by the 2014 Chevrolet Sonic and Spark, the world’s first Siri-Integrated automobiles.

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