14 Things We’d Only Read In The Bathroom

It’s important to enjoy the go. Treat yourself to these amazing reads while you’re on the throne. And while you’re at it, grab a roll on Charmin. Because, those who go with Charmin always enjoy the go.

1. Taro Gomi, “Everybody Poops”

You know, for inspiration.

ID: 1047756

2. A Tube of Toothpaste

Ohhhh, potassium nitrate…interesting.

ID: 1025233

3. Aunt Terri’s Facebook Status

Terri Iversen / Via Facebook: terri.iversen

To be fair, she is really into tuna salad.

ID: 1012699

4. Mark Larson, “The Mullet”

This book is business in the front and nothin’ but party in the back.

ID: 1007977

5. Bathroom Guest Book

Read cool messages from previous occupants of the royal throne.

ID: 1025152

6. Reepah Gud Wah, “The Zen of Farting”

This isn’t exactly a train read.

ID: 1007831

7. Jose Canseco’s Twitter Feed

ID: 1012690

8. David Foster Wallace, “Infinite Jest”

For the long pooper.

ID: 1048005

9. This Weird Yoga Magazine

How do you even say the title?

ID: 1012707

10. That Catalogue Addressed To Your Old Roommate

Maybe you do need charcoal bowls.

ID: 1025171

11. Anna Skinner, “How To Pee Standing Up”

This seems like it would result in an unfortunate mess.

ID: 1007857

12. Cher’s Twitter Feed

ID: 1013113

13. Dale Power, “DIY Coffin For Pets and People”

For pets AND people? That’s upsetting.

ID: 1012639

14. This Post on BuzzFeed

You are welcome.

ID: 1012643

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