8 Websites That Will Dramatically Increase Your Internet Productivity

Take your procrastination to the next level.

According to this Quora thread, the following sites will creatively keep you entertained.

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1. Coursera

Coursera /

Try taking some academic classes from the best sources in the country. Oh, and it’s FREE!

Source: Quora

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2. Instructables

Instructables /

This site curates a bunch of DIY tutorials for your everyday use. Finally, a place that gives you more things to pin on Pinterest.

Source: Quora

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3. Duolingo

Duolingo /

Actually learn a foreign language or two, because you don’t remember shit from your high school Spanish class.

“It gets you to 1500 words which is somewhere between basic and conversational.”

Source: Quora

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4. Big Think

Big Think /

Let this site do the talking, because it will Blow. Your. Mind.

“The ideas can help you think flexibly and act decisively in a multivariate world.”

Source: Quora

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5. FutureMe

FutureMe /

Send a letter to your future self and track life’s triumphs and setbacks. It’s like a digital time capsule!

Source: Quora

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6. Lumosity

Lumosity /

The perfect platform for keeping your mind sharp after hours of Facebook stalking.

Source: Quora

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7. Goodreads

Goodreads /

Must love books and compiling impossible “to-read” lists.

It “is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. You can build your virtual bookshelf here :)”

Source: Quora

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8. TED Talks

Watch a range of brilliant (and not so smart) talks about topics like death and online dating. #Fascinating

Source: Quora

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