20 After-School Activities That Are Actually Fun

Because your kids are always in the pursuit of happiness. And hey, they might learn from these too (but don’t tell them that)!

First, you should probably invest your time on an “Activity Board.”

Now on to the things you should pin on it…

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1. Snack Art

Have snack and play at the Same. Damn. Time. More kudos if it’s healthy! More recipes here.

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2. “Dress Up” Stories


Keep your kids’ creative juices flowing and give them the chance to write and act out their own mini-production. It only works if YOU also dress up as a character.

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3. Customized Railroad Adventure


Painter’s tape? Check. Legos? Check. Awesome train town? DOUBLE CHECK. More train track inspiration here.

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4. Rainbow Foam Play

This mess-tastic project is a great sensory activity for your younger kids. Make sure to use dish soap so you can convince the little ones to wash their snack bowls. Recipe here.

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5. Table Top Soccer

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Forget soccer practice and play only the best version at home. Get the instructions here.

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6. “Royal Gems” Crayons


Crayons were definitely made for jeweling—but you can also try some other cool moulds for this colorful activity.

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7. Alphabet Slime

The fun and stretchy way to get through the alphabet. Learn how to make it with your kids here.

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8. Make Ice Cream In A Bag


Scream for ice cream…made in a Ziploc. This method will provide a basic and DELICIOUS chemistry lesson.

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9. Obstacle Course

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Test your child’s physicality and logic with simple courses. If you want a good LOL, make it complicated. Setup ideas here and here.

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10. The Cabbage Experiment

You can substitute cabbage with white flowers, but no word yet on the experiment’s compatibility with kale. Instructions here.

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11. Dance Sessions

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Face it, kid freestyles are the best. Amp up your dance party with fun games that incorporate their favorite music and moves! Ideas here.

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12. Suminagashi

This painting (and totally radical) technique will allow your kids to create “modern art” for your growing gallery wall.

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13. Fight Local Hunger

Volunteering can be fun and rewarding—have the kids decorate non-perishables for the local food bank or get them to pack bag lunches for the homeless.

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14. Tape Ball

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So here’s the gist: create a wonderful web out of masking tape and apply point values based on difficulty. Construct a ball from any type of paper. This game should be a staple at Chuck E. Cheese.

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15. Tag-Team Drawing

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This is sure to bring some family fun time—which is needed after a seven-hour school day. Game rules here.

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16. Wonder Dough


Kick Play-doh to the curb, because it has nothing on this DIY version that’s great for customized colors!

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17. Salt Art

This is a fun spelling activity for your lil’ academic, but it’s also the perfect canvas for many masterpieces.

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18. Play Doctor (The DIY Way)


This homemade stethoscope is the key to getting your kids to go to medical school. TRUST ME.

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19. Mood Jars

Youngsters can relax and get crafty with their own “chill” mechanism. Because kids work so hard, you know? Click here for the tutorial.

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20. Apple Stamping


Instead of boring ‘ol paint, incorporate fall’s most popular fruit into your child’s artworks. Get some stamping techniques here and here.

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If all else fails…


…kid-friendly apps are cool too.

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