12 Documentaries That Embrace The Art Of Design

See the history behind the things you find pretty.

1. Marwencol (2010)

Open Face / marwencol.com

After a beating that caused memory loss, Mark Hogancamp creates a model town called Marwencol, and tries to cope mentally through his creation. Design meets therapy.

On Netflix

Open Face / youtu.be

2. Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)

Paranoid Pictures / cinemafunk.com

All hail Banksy.

On Netflix

Paranoid Pictures / youtu.be

3. Beautiful Losers (2008)

Sidetrack Films / design-crisis.com

Take it back to the 1990s, when being in the DIY movement meant participating in street art and skateboard tricks. Rent it here.

Sidetrack Films / youtu.be

4. Between The Folds (2008)

Green Fuse Films / greenfusefilms.com

Watch as a group of scientists and artists give up their careers, and dive into the fascinating world of paper folding. Origami FTW! View it here.

Green Fuse Films / youtube.com

5. Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight (2010)

Arthouse Films / impawards.com

Meet the man who created the “I Love New York” logo. Find it here.

Arthouse Films / youtu.be

6. Design & Thinking (2012)

Muris Media / creativedrinks.com.au

Sure, we like to look at designs, but have you ever thought about them in a critical way? This film does it for you. Watch it here.

Muris Media / youtu.be

7. Art & Copy (2009)

The One Club For Art & Copy / jenkakio.com

Take a break from Mad Men to get another perspective on what goes into advertisements. Check it out here.

The One Club / youtu.be

8. Indie Game: The Movie (2012)

What does it take to be an independent game maker? Intense dedication.

On Netflix

BlinkWorks / youtu.be

9. Eames: The Architect And The Painter (2011)

First One Features / impawards.com

Married couple Charles and Ray Eames contributed to some of the greatest designs in the 20th century — from furniture to film, like Powers of Ten.

On Netflix

First Run Features / youtu.be

Gary Hustwit’s Design Trilogy:

10. Helvetica (2007)

Swiss Dots Production / helveticafilm.com

Helvetica explores the interesting cultural movements surrounding the popular font.

Swiss Dots Production / youtu.be

11. Objectified (2009)

Swiss Dots Production / objectifiedfilm.com

Ever wonder about the relationships humans have with objects? You need to watch this doc.

Swiss Dots Production / youtu.be

12. Urbanized (2011)

Swiss Dots Production / urbanizedfilm.com

The final installment in Hustwit’s trilogy examines the thought and problems behind the design of urban centers — otherwise known as cities.

All three films on Netflix

Swiss Dot Productions / youtu.be

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