20 Christmas Trees That Went Beyond Their Call Of Duty

Goodbye firs, hello sushi trees.

1. Pac-Man Tree

2. Godzilla

Aqua City Odaiba /
Aqua City Odaiba /!oUedm

Good luck getting fire breath to happen.

3. Sushi Tree

Is there a spicy tuna roll in there?

4. Dalek from Doctor Who Tree

Flickr: chick_contender / Creative Commons

5. Swarovski Tree / Creative Commons

“Shine bright like a diamond.”

8. Lobster Trap Tree

Anastasia Dzikas /

9. Ladder Tree

10. Knick-Knack Wall Tree

Jane Schouten / All The Luck In The World /

11. Neon Light Tree

12. Teddy Bear Tree

Sparklette /


13. Creepy Black Cat Tree


15. Antler Tree

MacPhail Studio /

16. Shopping Cart Tree

Anthony Schmidtt / Via

17. The “Most Expensive Christmas Tree Ever”

Video available at:

Whoa, so cool.

18. Hubcap Tree

Chanpion Auto Sales / Via

19. Glass Tube Tree

Made by “Murano Masters.”

20. Heinekin Bottle Tree

That’s 1,000 bottles, by the way.

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