What 15 Handlers At The Westminster Dog Show Think Of Cats

“I don’t hate them, I just don’t like them. They’re not snuggly.”

1. Sheri and Diana, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

ID: 883832

2. Shelia and Hando, a Leonberger

ID: 883851

3. Kellie and Griffin, a Springer Spaniel

ID: 883856

4. Donna and Grand Champion Goldenway’s Caramel Chew-Chew, a Golden Retriever

ID: 883847

5. Mario and Bebe, a Clumber Spaniel

ID: 883845

6. Cindy and BJ, a Clumber Spaniel

ID: 883846

7. Lynn and Sizzle, an Irish Setter

ID: 883855

8. Cooper and Hazelnut, a Dogue de Bordeaux

ID: 883844

9. Mary and Grand Champion Stolichayna (aka “Stoli”), a Samoyed

ID: 883854

10. Randy and Sebastian, a Field Spaniel

ID: 883849

11. Donna and Stella, a Black Labrador Retriever

ID: 883852

12. Cheryl and Odin, a Leonberger

We later found out that Odin is the winningest Leonberger in AKC history. No big deal.

ID: 883853

13. Lee and Elba, a Black Labrador Retriever

ID: 883850

14. Ayalla and Zeus, a Cane Corso

ID: 883848

15. Dianne and Schwinnie, a Weimaraner

All photos by BuzzFeed’s Hillary Reinsberg. Graphic work by Chris Ritter.

ID: 883870

Don’t forget to tune in to USA tonight at 8 o’clock to find out who wins Best in Show!

ID: 884391

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